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Molinos agro in
the Agroindustry
Raw materials

Molinos agro within the Agroindustry

As a historic leader in the argentine agroindustry, Molinos agro is one of the main soybean processors with a crush capacity of 6 million tons per year.

From its San Benito port, it currently delivers 5% of the total soybean meal traded around the world and, in addition, it exports 1 million tons of grains per year.

Therefore, Molinos agro presents itself as an international products provider of oilseeds crush and grain for relevant independent clients.

During the last years, we have invested to increase the productive and storage capacity, implement improvements and technological innovations, which have allowed the consolidation of our position within the sector.

Working with cutting-edge technology and highly qualified professionals, Molinos agro ensures the highest industrial, quality and environmental protection standards.
The commercial team is deeply committed to the construction of long-term relationships with several members of the value chain, promoting daily interaction and working to understand and address their needs.

Raw materials

As protagonist of the agro-industry chain, Molinos agro has been working since 1902 with the purpose of adding value to the production of the argentine fields. The Origination area is responsible for buying those raw materials used for production and commercialization. During the last 5 years, Molinos agro has originated an annual average of 6 million tons of oilseeds and grains. The origination strategy is leveraged by a commercial team with presence in the main points of the Argentine productive core and within a net of warehouses located strategically.

Therefore, Molinos agro builds long-term relationships with more than 3,000 producers from all over the country.

Animal feeding

Molinos agro offers raw materials for the production of balanced feed, deriving from the soybean crush processes.

In line with its tradition, the company is firmly committed to provide its clients the best service and quality, being these attributes the most valued by its clients in the animal feeding business.
Molinos agro has currently become one of the main providers in the sectors related with animal feeding, both in pet-food, as well in poultry, pork and dairy production.

All Molinos’ products may be picked from the San Lorenzo plant or placed at destination. In the latter case, with an excellent delivery service, and adjusting the transportation to the specific needs of each client.

Bulk exports

As a result of the soybean crush and grains commercialization processes, Molinos agro provides soy industrialization products and grains over more than 50 countries, thereby providing Argentine quality in as many borders as possible.

Among other products, Molinos agro exports worldwide:

  • Hipro
    soy meal (47%)

  • Soy hull

  • Crude soy oil

  • Soy lecithin

  • Biodiesel

  • Refined

  • Corn

  • Crude Sunflower Oil

  • Wheat

Among other products, Molinos agro exports worldwide:


Biodiesel is the renewable energy of greatest growth worldwide in the last few years, increasing from just 3.2 million tons in 2005 to 39 million tons in year 2019. Besides its growing relevance in the fuel market, it is an important link in the soy value chain and, Molinos agro, as a sector leader company, takes part of the global trend.

Since 2007, the Company invested in the construction of a biodiesel plant and entered into productions agreements, allowing exports to important clients across the world.


The search of efficiency and refinement of our product processes lead us to constantly look towards innovation technologies.
We rely on outstanding professionals in their work area, who always value new technological proposals.

The enzymatic degumming of oil and our own production of the Salmonella biological treatment are two examples of the tangible realities of Molinos agro. Salmonella is the main enemy of the soy protein use in doses for animals.