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The Company
Our mission
Molinos agro
in perspective

Who we are?

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Molino agro is the great Argentine agro-industry. With over 120 years of history, we constantly renew our challenges always aimed at connecting the product of our soil with the world. We add value in our country, and we reach more than 50 destinations outside Argentina.

Molinos agro was born on July 2016, as a result of the split of Molinos Río de la Plata S.A. Until then, the new Company represented the Bulk Division within the general structure of Molinos Río de la Plata S.A., which subsequently focused on branded products.


Years of history

720,000 t

Of solids
storage capacity

59,000 t

Of soybean oil
storage capacity

1 soybean crushing plant

20,000 t/d

In San Lorenzo, Santa Fe

1 port

on the Paraná river suitable
for fluids and solids

6 warehouses

(2 in Buenos Aires, 1 in Córdoba,
1 in Santiago del Estero,
1 in Chaco and 1 in Salta)

Our mission

Our mission is to become the international products provider of OILSEEDS crush and GRAIN exports, for relevant scale independent clients, based on word-class assets, top innovation and high-efficiency services.

Our corporate philosophy is based on the following principles:

Ethic and credibility in relationships and business.

Environmental protection.

Team work.

Leadership from knowledge
and by setting an example.


Safety and health
of our people.

Learning of
our mistakes.

Winning attitude
with no arrogance.

Personal and professional development
of our people in an area of
motivation and innovation.

Ongoing improvement
in management quality.


(April 2022/ March 2023)

Total sales (USD):


Soybeans crush & grains handling

6,5 million tons

Direct employments:


Exports to more than

50 countries

Active Supliers


San Lorenzo Plant

The soybean crush plant of San Lorenzo has a daily crushing capacity of 20,000 tons of soybean, and a truck unloading capacity of 1,200 trucks per day, in line with the processing rhythm.

In addition, San Lorenzo is the leader plant in energy self-sufficiency, counting with an electricity turbo generator required to operate the plant and port in its full capacity.

San Benito Port

The port of San Benito, integrated to the San Lorenzo Plant, is located on the banks of the Paraná River, at kilometer 441.8 of the Paraná Waterway (San Lorenzo Port – Province of Santa Fe). It became operational on March 2005.

It offers clients the cutting-edge conditions for the loading of goods in a safety and optimal quality control setting.
Its main characteristics are:

Loading capacity: 8 million tons/year

Maximum vessel size: up to Cape Size vessels

Berthing facility of 145 mts docking front

Port for cargo of solids and liquid products

By-products and grain storage capacity: 300,000 tons

Oil storage capacity: 59,000 tons

Biodiesel storage capacity: 10,000 tons

Solids loading rhythm up to 2400 tons/hour

Oil loading rhythm up to 1200 tons/hour

Biodiesel loading rhythm up to 500 tons/hour

DOCK USE RATES: Vessels with more than 500 tons of total tonnage: USD 0,30 per NRT

QUALIFICATIONS: check with our operators

Potable water supply


Our sustainability management involves identifying, analyzing and working on the economic, social and environmental impact of our activities. Four pillars encompass the main topics of our commitment to sustainable development.

Responsible Agriculture Supply
We connect the local offer with the international demand, adding value fairly and responsibly, and we adopt innovative technologies and products, in order to mitigate risk and empower efficiency.
Essential pillars that guarantee a sustainable supply
Quality and Safety Certifications
People and Community
We promote human capital growth, fostering a collaborative spirit, the transmission of values and respect for other people.
We are committed to being an active part of the engagement in our community, strengthening bonds and taking care of the relevant issues that occur in the community. We develop action plans based on 4 relationship pillars:
Enviromental care
We develop our activities considering the environment thoughtfully and respectfully, implementing measures to control the impact of our business. We focus on minimizing such impact through:
Business Sustainability
We make our business management transparent by presenting annual reports that summarize our economic, social and environmental achievements and challenges.